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S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves
S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves

    S28C Motorcycle Heated Gloves

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        We are delighted to introduce SAVIOR S28C Gloves.

        High quality:

        ◆Excellent skin: Lambskin and polyester,It has certain wind resistance,can be worn on snowy days or light rainy days.

        ◆ Excellent lining: It is made of light super soft pearl cotton with hipora waterproof layer sewn inside to keep hands at a comfortable temperature.

        ◆ Reliable protection: High quality polyester fiber, sheepskin, rubber pad, carbon fiber joint protection shell, leather reinforced anti falling and anti-skid palm pad, anti-collision cushion at fingers to reduce hand injury when falling.

        ◆ Excellent three gear temperature control system: Powered by 2200mAh lithium ion battery. The far-infrared carbon fiber heating element covers the whole back of the hand and fingertips. This rechargeable glove keeps your hands warm.


        ◆ Has passed CE certification

        ◆ Invisible battery storage design, is not easy to drop and will not affect riding.

        ◆ Designed at the index finger rubber screen wiper to clean the water, snow and dust from helmet screen.

        ◆ Touch sensors on index finger will work on any smart device. It’s convenience to use in winter.

        ◆ The tightness of heated motorcycle gloves can be adjusted easily, and the strap design allows you to adjust easily. You can adjust the tightness that suits you. S28C is suitable for most motorcycle enthusiasts. It has the ability to adapt to most use environments. Of course, it is also suitable for skiing, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, walking the dog and running.

        Believe it, it is suitable for you.

        It is also suitable as a gift. We have excellent packaging design. It will certainly surprise your friends and family and be practical.

        ● Three gear temperature control system (subject to the actual use effect, the following are the experimental reference values):
        there are three temperature settings: low, medium, and high. Generally, the temperature is 40-65 ℃.

        Low gear: 40-45 ℃/104-113℉ (25% power) service time: 5-6hours

        Medium grade: 50-55 ℃/122-131℉ (55% power) service time: 4-4.5 hours

        High grade: 60-65 ℃/140-150℉ (100% power) service time: 2-2.5 hours

        ● 7.4v high-power high-quality battery can ensure the continuous heating of gloves and the temperature of your hands during
        fast cycling in winter.

        use the supplied motorcycle battery harness to connect to a permanent power supply for all-day riding.


        Glove maintenance

        1.Dry and ventilate gloves after every ride

        2.Treat your leather gloves with leather balm

        3.Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a ventilated place

        Battery maintenance:

        1. the battery used for heating needs to be stored in a dry environment,

        2. the battery will oxidize in a certain period. We recommend charging the battery every 1-2 months

        3. our battery design is not afraid of bumps, but sharp bumps will damage the battery. So please don't try!

        Charging note:

        1. our battery is very safe, but it is also a high thermal energy product. So please don't put the battery on the

        bed, sofa or carpet to recharge!!

        2. the battery has a certain capacity and power bearing capacity, so please disconnect it as soon as possible

        during the expected charging time of the battery, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

        3. please pay attention to the charging model and use the appropriate charger and charging cable.

        Cleaning instructions:

        1.Take out batteries

        2.Hand Wash (Suggest)

        3.Machine Wash (put it into washing bag)

        4.We prefer to use hand washing. Machine washing may break the heating wire and cause short circuit in

        the heating circuit (although it does not often o


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