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DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves
DWF03 Running Gloves

    DWF03 Running Gloves

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    is proud to launch another compact and Innovatively designed Running and Liner Gloves with premium grade quality material. We are Professional Sports, Fitness, Heated, Motorcycling and Cycling Products Manufacturer. Our success, which is characterized by responsiveness and excellence. To stand above the competition we are providing our customers excellent quality products with unparalleled satisfaction.

    These Running and Liner Gloves are very light weight and comfortable with environmentally adjustable ability, which can wear in any season. Specially designed for the Outdoor and Indoor activities to ensure dexterity, works amazingly as running gloves, cycling gloves, liner gloves, walking gloves, hiking gloves, camping, gym and weight lifting gloves etc.

    Product Specifications:


    Hands: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane.

    Wrist Elastic: 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane.

    Palm: Silicone Layer for Touch Screen and Strong Grip.

    ► Its breathability allow you to use these gloves in any season and comfortable without any sweating.

    ► 3 finger tech touch screen on index finger, middle finger and thumb which allows you to conveniently use your cell phone, tablet or any touch screen device without taking off your gloves.

    ► Water Resistant ability to resist water and resist wetting your hands in some extent.

    ► Windproof ability allows you to use these gloves in specially winter to keep your hands warm.

    Product Features:

    ► Outdoor and Indoor and for sports activities to ensure dexterity.

    ► Touch screen function allow you to use your any touch screen device with 3 fingers touch ability.

    ► Very light weight gloves so you can use it anytime and anywhere.

    ► Used as liner gloves can fit perfectly under your heated gloves, ski mittens and other bulky leather gloves.

    ► Hand and Machine Washable