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S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves
S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves

    S13 Unisex Heated Liner Gloves

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    Suitable for outdoor work, snow shoveling, skiing, mountaineering, and hiking

    Goal-Satisfy Your Demand-As we know, the chilly weather is the biggest challenge when we go outside, to solve this problem, we’d like to show you an amazing heated liner gloves.

    Product Specifications:

    Glove Material: Lycra, Polyester

    1.Wrist Area: Neoprene.

    2.Liner: Velvet Liner.

    3.Waterproof Zipper at palm cuff

    ◆Supreme Material:
    Gloves made of high quality Polyester and Lycra and heating elements covers with velvet liner and insulation(100% Polyester).
    That resists odors and the moisture wicking for the comfortable movement of hands. Perfect liner gloves for any thick gloves.
    Makes your hand movement comfortable and keeps your hand warm in tough winter and snow season. ◆ Heating:
    Far Infrared Heating element covers all the back of hand including fingers for optimal heating performance. Day Wolf heated gloves keep your hands warm and comfortable, Ergonomically designed for the Outdoor and Indoor activities to ensure dexterity for maximum comfort and protection of your hands.

    The Red LED color is for the high setting which can be reaching around 140-150 F. ( usage time: about 2 hours)

    THE White LED color is for the medium setting which can be reaching around 122-131 ) F ( usage time: about 3-3.5 hours .

    THE Blue LED color is the low setting which can be reaching around 100-113 F. ( usage time: about 5-6 hours)

    If you get to do sports or work outside for a long time, you can buy an addition al pair of battery keep you warm all the time, the battery will be sold separately.

    ◆7.4V 2200mAh Rechargeable Batteries:
    7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable lithium polymer batteries used for liner heated gloves. Long life of the batteries gives you hours of continuous warmth experience.
    Wrist area and battery pocket made of high quality neoprene with single layer (without Velcro Layers). Therefore, the activities of the wrist will not be affected.

    Great for indoor and outdoor activities like work, sports, skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, hunting, snow fishing, cycling, skating, motorcycle. When weather is too cold with very low temperature then it is recommended to use as liner gloves for outdoor activities. Then even with lowest heat mode your hands will be warm for long hours. As liner gloves can fit perfectly under any bulky gloves.

    Your Warm Heart Gift

    1.Good choices as a birthday gift

    2.Special and lovely gift for Mom, Dad, Girl friend, boyfriend

    3.Warm Heart Gift for Chilly Winter and Outdoor Sports

    Believe it, it is suitable for you.

    It will certainly surprise your friends and family and be practical.

    ● Three gear temperature control system (subject to the actual use effect, the following are the experimental reference values):
    there are three temperature settings: low, medium, and high. Generally, the temperature is 40-65 ℃.

    Low gear: 40-45 ℃/104-113℉ (25% power) service time: 5-6hours

    Medium grade: 50-55 ℃/122-131℉ (55% power) service time: 4-4.5 hours

    High grade: 60-65 ℃/140-150℉ (100% power) service time: 2-2.5 hours

    ● 7.4v high-power high-quality battery can ensure the continuous heating of gloves and the temperature of your hands during
    fast cycling in winter.

    use the supplied motorcycle battery harness to connect to a permanent power supply for all-day riding.


    To make sure the battery get a long lifetime, we kindly remind to you to follow below instructions to wash your gloves.

    1: Highly recommend hand wash with temperature lower than 30C

    2: Take out the batteries from the pocket before washing

    3: Recommend to use sack bag for machine wash

    4: Keep it from the children and person who is suffers from the health disease

    Battery maintenance:

    1. the battery used for heating needs to be stored in a dry environment,

    2. the battery will oxidize in a certain period. We recommend charging the battery every 1-2 months

    3. our battery design is not afraid of bumps, but sharp bumps will damage the battery. So please don't try!

    Charging note:

    1. our battery is very safe, but it is also a high thermal energy product. So please don't put the battery on the

    bed, sofa or carpet to recharge!!

    2. the battery has a certain capacity and power bearing capacity, so please disconnect it as soon as possible

    during the expected charging time of the battery, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

    3. please pay attention to the charging model and use the appropriate charger and charging cable.

    Cleaning instructions:

    1.Take out batteries

    2.Hand Wash (Suggest)

    3.Machine Wash (put it into washing bag)

    4.We prefer to use hand washing. Machine washing may break the heating wire and cause short circuit in

    the heating circuit (although it does not often o


    1. the product can be quickly returned and replaced within 30 days.

    2. the product is mailed globally (delivered within 7-15 days)

    3. if you have any pre-sales and after-sales questions, you can also find us (answer within 24 hours) or find the desired answers in the FAQ

    4. you can quickly track your express information on the website.

    5.heatedmall hopes to get your approval and feedback.

    Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 14.84 x 5.31 x 2.72 inches
    Package Weight 0.71 Kilograms
    Item Weight 80 Grams
    Part Number SHGS.05
    Warranty Description 1 Year
    Outer Material Polyester, Sheep Leather
    Fill Material Type Polyester, Sheep Leather